About us

We promise that interests of customers will be always put in the first place. We are appreciating when winning the approval of you. If there are deficiencies in our work, please inform us and we will remedy as you request timely. Wildstarplatinums was founded in September of 2005, and for more than 7 years we have been the most competitive and growing MMORPG provider. We major in World of Warcraft “EU, US, and Brazil”, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Runescape, Rift “EU and US”, Aion “EU and US”, Star Wars: The Old Republic “EU and US”, Tera, and EVEN MORE. We provide game gold and Currency, Power Leveling services, Items and Materials, Game Cards, Trading Card Game loot cards, Accounts, and an individual customer service experience where you can get the help and experience you seek..